Here’s The Story: We each have years of experience in marketing. In 2007 we shifted our focus from the frontend to the backend because we found that businesses were throwing thousands away monthly on advertising.  Media Reps, SEO Consultants, Advertising Sales Reps for TV and Radio all were doing their customers a huge disservice, all they focus on is front-end lead generation.

Here’s The Problem, only 3-5% of prospects are actually ready to buy when they hear of see your advertising.  That leaves over 90% that are not ready, willing or able to buy at that moment. What happens to them?

Now What?  What happens after you get the lead that you paid so dearly for?  Done wrong – those leads go right down the tube.

78% of Businesses Have BIG BACK END PROBLEMS. Most don’t even know what a Back End is, and because of this, are throwing away thousands of dollars on SEO, advertising and other lead generation strategies. It’s not that lead gen services aren’t needed, it’s just that most don’t know how to convert those lead into sales.

We Are Backend Specialists, we manage everything that happens after you get a lead.

We are trained to implement systems that nurture prospects until they are ready to buy.  Systems that the owner can pull the trigger on anytime he or she needs to identify which prospects and current customers on their lists are ready to buy now.  Our proven systems allow our clients to generate sales on demand.

Consumers first decide they have a need, want or desire. Then they start to look around, gather information, visit websites, read ads and mailers. In order to capitalize on your advertising you must get in front and stay in-front nurturing the relationship until they are ready to buy. You also must continue to engage after the sale to increase loyalty and keep them coming back and buying more.

We find that most business owners fail miserably after the sale, they don’t take time to thank those who bought nor do they have the intelligence to determine if the customer was satisfied with the purchase. Most get it all wrong. They make that sale,  then toss the customer aside and run to find the next customer.

We find and fix all the areas of your business that  is leaking money and missing sales, adding thousands to your monthly bottom-line.