The United States Post Offices Every Door Direct Mail Program is Breathing New Life into Local Businesses!


 1.    No Postage Permit Required

When mailing a postcard through the post office traditionally you need a permit which can cost as much as $450 just to open your account. This annual fee has been waived to mail EDDM Retail.

2.    No Mailing List Needed 

The post office is promoting what is called a simplified address so no mailing list is needed. You simply have to have to print the EDDM special indicia and the local postal carrier for that route will deliver your piece to the mailing routes that you request.

3.    Large size cards = Stand Out & Sell More!

Sizes start at 6.5 x 8 which means you have plenty of room to deliver a powerful offer  to your customer. This is over 3 times the size of a 4″x6″ postcard and costs 9 cents less! Postage is about 17.5 cents each piece.

4.    Mail from Your Local Post Office

EDDM Retail Mail can be mailed from your local post office.  You pay for postage with cash, check or debit card. You can have your printing already prepared and shipped to you and dropped off directly at the post office. This way, you get the lowest postage rate.

3 Ways To Order Your “Every Door Direct Mail”

You Prepare The Mail – You can print the postcards with us and we will send them to you for you to complete the preparations for the Every Door Direct Mail program. We will assist you in creating your paperwork and consult with you on preparing your cards for Every Door Direct Mail delivery.
We Prepare the Mail For You – For pennies more, we can prepare all of your paperwork for you and bundle the mailing exact to post office guidelines. Once prepared, we ship the cards to you and all you have to do is drop them off at the post office. We do everything for you except drop the cards off to the post office. Turnkey Every Door Direct Mail!

We Handle It All – We can  write copy, design, print and ship the cards directly to the post office at your request.

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